Dale W Kelley, Inc.     Fleet Maintenance and Management

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Scheduled Maintenance - By mile, by hour, by elapsed time, by date, by startups; you can mix and match an unlimited number of items for any vehicle or equipment.  The system tracks parts suppliers, their identifying numbers, and their pricing history.    Maintenance due reports can be produced at the service manager's demand.

Work Orders - Laser printed, with itemized parts, miscellaneous parts, labor and contracted work.  If you keep parts inventory, we allow you to add parts on-the-fly. 

Fuel Pump Monitoring - Our Unix and Linux systems can monitor "Gasboy" pumps in "real time".  We have fuel invoicing if others fill at your pump.  We can calculate CNG fueling.   For un-automated fueling we monitor usage and mileage via hand tickets.

Inventory - We can track assets, (in shops or on vehicles), also shop and vehicle based supplies and automotive parts.  We provide usage and restocking reports and maintain histories of parts used on each vehicle.  Parts can be retrieved or identified by manufacturer's bar codes and we can produce bar code identifications for your vehicles, parts, supplies, and assets.

Purchase Orders - if used can track expenses by general ledger account, can compare to budgets or fund allotments, and can open PO and vendor summary reports.

Vehicle Histories -The system tracks vehicle purchase and maintenance costs, every work order is viewable, all parts applied to the vehicle, complete fueling history, loan amortization and depreciation.

Depreciation and Amortization - The system can amortize your vehicle loans and can establish depreciation schedules, and can later modify depreciation schedules to account for added bodies or capital repairs.   The amortization module can itemize multiple vehicle payments and provide the accounting for a one-check payment to a lender.

Monthly Lease Billing - We can provide complex billing for leased vehicles that can include base rent, mileage allowances, excess mileage charges, miscellaneous recurring or one-time charges.

Reports - Most reports are available either to the screen, (where you can page back and forth until you are done), or to the printer.  Some reports can also be directed to a spreadsheet import file.   An SQL reporting language is included with all of the 8 or 10 database products which host our software.

We provide fleet maintenance and additional software systems and services to Autow Truck Rental, Inc., Sumner County Highway Department, and Sumner County Department of Transportation, and Macon County Schools.

We specialize in designing and providing solutions for your most critical and challenging information needs. Our database products can be implemented on your unix, linux, netware, windows, MS-DOS or combination system up to 3000 users. We can maintain and modernize your legacy PICK, INFORMATION, or Revelation software or convert to current IBM UniVerse or Unidata servers or Open QM.  Our users always keep a copy of all of their source code and may use and maintain it as they wish.  We're happy to either do the work or to train your programmers and systems people on the product.

There is no charge for the software, God knows it costs enough to install and make changes at $45.00 per hour.

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