Dale W Kelley, Inc. Reservation/Registration

Our reservation software is in use at three flea markets in the mid-south. These markets range from 400 to 1800 booths. Each of the markets operates on a one weekend per month schedule, but the reservation algorithm can also accommodate a block of dates for continuous operation facilities or per start and end times as in the reservation of medical staff registry personnel. The system prevents duplicate reservations, tracks payment status per booth in the flea market versions. Reservations can be cancelled, rolled over, or moved. The system accounts for cash received at multiple cash windows, and details all receipts by payment type. Bank deposit slips can be printed. The system provides revenue, deferred revenue, tax, and sales analysis reports. The system is password protected allowing managers to accomplish overrides and critical functions, and the reservation and payment entries are designed to work quickly at crowded windows.

The system reserves and accounts for rental tables by size, and can account for the sale, at the window, of miscellaneous items. The system tracks sales tax and tax certificates for Tennessee operators and could be modified to meet any government reporting requirement.

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