Using Bar Codes to improve accuracy and reduce handling.

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 Symbol Model 3840 Wireless RF Scanners and programming/re-charging cradle.

Our bar code experience includes equipment from Intermec, Symbol, Zebra, Sato, and Informatics.  We have designed and implemented both "batch update" and "real time" wireless bar code systems.  The bar code scanners help us accomplish physical inventories, validate the contents of interdivisional shipments, assure accurate order fullfillment, receive and track the location of materials and supplies.

Commonwealth Industries elected to use the wireless rf devices pictured on the left in their new Commonwealth Tube Enterprises mill.  Lift operators scan skid tags to receive raw material coil, to move skids within the plant scanning rack location bar codes, to move coil into production, and to record, move, and ship finished goods.  This enables accurate recording and logical validation against the computer system to catch "wrong material" errors.  The scanning functions also record the information for production recovery and scrap calculations.  These processes, formerly recorded on paper, then entered into the computer system at the end of the shift, are now updated and visible throughout the company as they are done.

The Sumner County Highway Department has chosen to use bar coding to reduce the paperwork and errors associated with the receipt and issue of parts for their wide variety of equipment, light and heavy vehicles.  They will also be used in the annual inventory of assets, parts, and supplies.

If you could benefit from software that integrates this sort of real-time technology and design into your operations, we would be pleased to work with you and/or your systems and programming staff.

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