Dale W Kelley, Inc.

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Our customers have provided us with experience in the following obscure and perhaps mysterious activities:

Bar Coding - We have integrated Zebra and other bar code printers and wireless scanners into our systems.

Fuel Pump Recording - We monitor Gasboy brand pumps and record the fuelings in real time.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange - We can provide a Front-End to your ANSI or self-designed EDI needs.

PCL Printer Control - Our printed reports can do fancy boxes, shadings, and fonts on PCL compatible printers.

Mainframe Communications - We can communicate from Unix or Linux to your OS/390 mainframe system using SNA, RJE, and 2780/3780.

Networks - Our networks include Windows, Unix, and Linux servers and workstations.

Dale W Kelley Inc

1121 Grinder's Creek Road

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